The Sacred Temple

Tuesday 25th July 2017

11th - 13th August

An intensive tantra based healing journey for women

Reconnection, acceptance, release & empowerment.

Our bodies, our temples, hold many stories, emotions & keys.

Step inside a journey which allows you to see and be seen more fully, discovering essential tools for growth. Enable yourself to move through life more freely in your power & bliss.

What’s involved in The Sacred Temple?

Boundaries of Truth
Inspired by Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, we explore together the truth of our own inner boundaries and explore techniques that enable us to put them into practical use in everyday life. Simple tools which empower us to hold our own space and honour ourselves and others that we interact with in our daily lives.
This takes the form of a practical workshop including group and partner work.

Mirror of Unveiling
The unveiling of the illusions of the mind to reveal the true source within...
The Mirror of Unveiling is a beautiful and at times challenging experience which enables us to bring areas of emotional difficulty to do with our body relationship into the light so that they may be witnessed and released.
This takes the form of group work and may contain nudity. The boundaries of each participant is entirely up to them, the choice always is yours and will always be respected.

Medicine Dance
A beautiful heart opening dance journey in which the participants follow their own bodies, inner callings and movements.

Womb Honouring
Honouring the Womb is a powerful ceremonial journey within which we allow our womb space and ourselves the love and recognition that it and we deserve. Deeply healing and empowering.
This takes place within the group and partner work.

As women many of us carry conscious and sub-conscious issues to do with our bodies and it is amazing how much this relationship with our body has control of aspects of our lives. Our body is our temple, it is the body which we wake up with everyday, it is the body that serves us and the body that we know best and like any relationship, it needs work from time to time. As the gardeners of our relationships the intention here is to clear out anything which has become detrimental to our wellbeing and growth.