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Clare Glennon

Clare Glennon, is a Director of Metatronic Life and facilitates Metatronic Healing Workshops in UK & Europe, This radical new/ancient healing system was founded by Philippa Merivale in 2007.

Clare has been described by Pippa Merrivale, the founder of Metatronic Healing, as her "shepherd and anchor" as well as her close colleague and Metatronic partner. Clare's many years of bringing the subtlest and most potent of energy work to the mainstream, originally through body-work and then through a variety of natural energy healing techniques gives her a broad range of skills to call on in Metatronic Healing. Her teaching is delivered with heartfelt authenticity.

Metatronic Healing is an angelic healing method that is guided by the energies of Archangel Metatron that removes ancient traumas, destructive emotions, limiting beliefs, from deep body memory. It gently, progressively dissolves the dense thought forms of fear and lack. The Metatronic frequencies - soft, loving, powerful vibrations of light-energy - do this with beautiful gentleness and grace.

As you receive the higher frequencies which gently permeate your heart-centre and your energy body, they restore the forgotten matrix: the divinely geometrically perfect template of your original, divinely-given light nature. You start to reclaim your authentic power and truth, to re-establish yourself as co-creator with divinity.

The aim of Metatronic Healing is to remove the 'story' from the body's cellular memory and DNA, and to activate the Heart Centre, plugging you in to your authentic power, creativity and true essence. This is achieved through energetic Attunements and Transmissions, along with innovative healing techniques.

Once received, the energies and healing tools become available for you to use in many contexts, such as:

* Healing, Counselling & Professional Care work;

* Personal health and growth;

* Empowering your communication in every relationship;

* Space Clearance: cleansing negative charges from spaces/buildings.

* Inspirational creativity for performance artists, photographers, painters, writers, musicians;

The Metatronic energy meets you exactly where you are on your journey, bringing to your awareness the blocks which prevent you living your life from an empowered Heart Centre; it supports you in releasing whatever no longer serves your highest good; whatever is ready to dissolve or transform. This puts you in touch you with your true authentic self and that place within that is not distorted by trauma, conditioning, genetic or ancestral inheritance.

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