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Tamsin Evans

Tamsin has been practicing yoga for 25 years. She studied yoga, whilst completing an art and design degree from Brighton University and this is when her desire to become a yoga teacher was born. After graduating in 2003, she combined her passion for yoga with her love of exploration. She travelled extensively in India for almost a year, seeking out a yoga class and exploring different disciplines whenever she arrived in a new place.

She trained as a teacher of Hatha Yoga at the Sivananda Vedanta School of Yoga in Kerala in South India. On graduating in 2004, she stayed on at the ashram, first as an assistant and then as a fully fledged teacher of classical yoga, taking classes of up to fifty students from all across the globe.

Tamsin has developed her own style, adapted from many great yoga teachers. Her classes emphasise the connection between the yogic postures and the breath and focus on bringing a feeling of deep relaxation to the body, releasing tension and developing peace of mind. In the last few years Tamsin has given birth to two children and been inspired to study for a specialized teacher training qualification in pregnancy yoga. Since qualifying, as well as teaching Hatha Yoga classes she is now teaching pregnancy yoga in York. This is a gentle, flowing form of yoga, perfectly suited to the ever-changing needs of pregnancy.

Come along to any class with Tamsin, depending on your needs. Enjoy the sense of well-being, relaxation, focus, balance and strength that yoga practice can bring and take this out with you into your life, feeling refreshed.

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