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Michael Davison

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I work as a coach in the business sector helping people to manage their working lives successfully, achieve their business goals and lead a more rewarding work life.I am now extending my coaching practice to working with individuals who want to be successful in their personal lives; whether it’s planning your next career move, going for the next promotion or working with you to improve your confidence I can work with you.

I have now introduced hypnotherapy into my coaching practice.

This has now enriched my coaching practice and allows me as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist to work with you on a whole range of issues including:

Weight loss,
Smoking cessation,
Motivation and more.

If you have not experienced coaching or hypnotherapy then it is unlike any conversation you have ever had. There are no judgements, no criticisms, you as the client are at the heart of the conversation.

I will work with you over a number of sessions to help you find your inner resources to move you closer to your goals – whatever these maybe.

I have an eclectic coaching style that draws on my experience as a coach, nlp knowledge and as a hypnotherapist to provide a rich and unique therapeutic \ coaching experience.

In simple terms we can have a coaching conversation using hypnotherapy that talks to both the thinking logical mind that makes plans and your emotional mind (sub-conscious) that drives a large part of our behaviour and can work with us or against us in some situations.

Using a variety of approaches and techniques I can work you to realise a ‘meeting of minds’, enabling you to define positive goals, establish realistic timescales, taking positive steps that feel both right and logical and allow you to find the internal motivation to achieve them.

In simple terms an holistic approach, with you at the heart of the process, maximising your potential, placing you in the best position to succeed.

Contact me for a free 20 minute, no obligation consultation on coaching or hypnotherapy.

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