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Clare Glennon

Telephone: 01865 751 810

Mobile: 07903 276 018


Clare Glennon, co-Director of Metatronic Life with Pippa and John, is the friend that Pippa has longdescribed as her “shepherdand anchor” as well as her close colleague and Metatronic partner. She has held an integral role in Metatronic Healing since inception in 2007. Clare’s many years of bringing the subtlestand most potent of energy work to the mainstream andespecially in relation to addicts in recovery. She trained originally through body-work and then through a variety of natural energy healing techniques, which encompasses over two decades of experience and gives her a broad range of skills to draw on. She loves to bring Metatronic Healing to the hands and hearts of those come to it and does so with a warm heart and genuine authenticity.

Clare lives in Oxfordshire where she focuses her attention largely on the UK and Europe, and also works closely with Richard to deliver the practitioner training, as the wider and deeper implications of Metatronic Healing continue to unfold. She responds where possible to enquiries for courses in other locations and in Europe.

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