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Drawing & Talking Therapy

When: Thursdays 2-9pm

Why Drawing & Talking Therapy?

Mental health issues are on the rise within the UK. According to the National Institute of Care & Excellence (NICE) guidelines, 10% of children and young people aged between 5 and 15yrs have been diagnosed with a mental health problem. Astonishingly 70% of these young people who experience mental health issues have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age.

Prevention is better than a cure and if we can respond to mental health issues in the early stages then major issues could be prevented later in life.

Drawing & Talking therapy is a therapeutic intervention that works with the unconscious mind. What we see on the outside is only a small portion of what is actually bubbling away below the surface. This technique works on the principle of John Bowlby and Carl Jung both famous psychologists of their era. The drawing & talking technique was later devised and developed bty an American Dr called Dr John Allan who has seen many success stories where the technique has been used.

The power of drawing

Drawing enables a child to express, in a visual form, worries and pre-occupations from deep in the mind that they would not be able to talk about. Have you ever said to your child "if only you would tell me what is wrong, maybe I could help you" This is a familiar saying and i'm sure we can all relate to this? However, often children & young people just don't know themselves, at a conscious level. The unconscious deeper mind knows though, as it is all stored away. Drawing enables symbolic and SAFE expression of deep worries and feelings that may or could seem very dangerous to a young person. Drawing and talking enables the person to process events, trials and tribulations and then safely store them away into the rightful place within the brain, then they can move on. With their lives.