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Effortless Meditation

When: Coming soon

The Experience of Effortless Meditation is a one day* course which covers:

  • a representation of the mind
  • how meditation works
  • the benefits of meditation
  • the differences between this and other practices
  • teaching the practice
  • experience of Effortless Meditation
  • the process of release of stress
  • the transformational benefits of Effortless Meditation

(* One day is sometimes divided into 4 x 2 hour evening sessions and delivered over 4 consecutive weeks.)

The day is designed to be spacious and relaxing and to give you everything you need to start a lifelong practice of Effortless Meditation.

The course is designed not only for you to experience Effortless Meditation, but for you to understand the theory around it so you can be reassured about your experiences when you leave the course and return home to your daily practice.

When we teach the practice we take you in and out of meditation several times, to ensure you are happy with the process and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We do a 10 minute and 20 minute meditation during the day and teach the practice both lying down and sitting up. There are no uncomfortable yoga positions in this 'effortless' practice.

'Jo made us feel completely relaxed, eliminating any concerns we had ...demystifying meditation, making it practical and accessible to all. The setting was beautiful and tranquil. One of my most memorable aspects of the day was experiencing Jo's passion for meditation.. Michaela Oldfield, August 2013

The day is priced at £75 per person** and includes everything you need for your lifelong practice without needing any further input from a teacher,;any books, CDs, DVDs or any equipment of any sort.

(** Some courses have an offer of £100 for 2 people. Contact me to find out which courses this offer applies to.)

Once you've completed the day course, you automatically become part of the Effortless Tribe which gives you the opportunity to access extra support, in making the practice a regular part of your life, if you so choose.