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Introduction to Pilates

When: May 13th 1:30-3:00pm

Intro to Pilates - May 13th


Heard good things about Pilates but not sure about signing up for a block of classes? Know other people who go to a class but not quite sure if its right for you? Or don't know anything about Pilates but want to try something new and increase awareness of how your body moves through guided exercise?

This session will cover some Pilates basics including alignment and breathing, start positions used for exercises and of course some of the actual exercises; cost is £15 per person. Suitable for complete beginners you don't need to know anything about Pilates to take part, the aim of the session is to provide you with a gentle and (hopefully!) enjoyable introduction.

Book your place, give Pilates a go and see if its something you enjoy! Places are limited to 8 people so pre-booking and registration required, please contact Andrea Chambers,

andrea.pilates@btinternet.com or 07522 709665.