Mama's Meditation - Sunday January 13th 2019

Workshops & Events at Millers Yard - York » Mama's Meditation Sunday 28th July 10am - 1pm

Mama's Meditation Sunday 28th July 10am - 1pm

When: sunday morning

Motherhood can be a hugely rewarding journey; it can also be one that at times leaves us feeling exhausted and disconnected from ourselves. Join us in bringing Mamas together to celebrate all you do, through guided meditation and nourishing relaxation in a warm, welcoming and judgement-free environment.
The next workshop is all about Harnessing The Power of Your Intuition and is part of a series created by Emma Bridges, aiming to provide you with a precious chunk of time, just for you to support your wellbeing and transform your approach to life. You will also gain opportunities to connect with and benefit from, support with like-minded others, and the space to reconnect with yourself at the right pace for you. You’ll leave feeling totally relaxed, renewed and full of inspirational new techniques to alchemise your energy.
Investment for this workshop is £35 per person (*£28 early bird!) which includes hot drinks, delicious cake and light snacks. No prior experience in meditation is needed. This class is just for adults.
For more info and to book your place, please contact Emma 07852583164 or through Emma Bridges Holistic Therapies Facebook page
*early bird tickets available until 31st May