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Sports Massage

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Sports massage is a massage technique that deals directly with the body's soft tissue. It has developed over the years to deal with the specific conditions that the human body experiences before and after exercise and injury.

When injuries to muscle tissue occur the fibres often heal misaligned. Our muscles are covered by a layer connective tissue called fascia. This fascia covers all the individual muscle fibres, the larger bundles of muscles and the whole muscle groups. Normally, when covering healthy, moving muscle it is a soft, gel like substance. However, when our muscle movement is restricted, in the case of injury or postural misalignment, the fascia begins to become hard and scar tissue forms, further trapping toxins such as lactic acid within that specific site. This causes pain and dysfunction as the body tries to remedy the situation, often by a process of physical compensation and adjustment, which can lead to further pain and problems.

Sports massage techniques assist the healing and rehabilitation of injuries and dysfunction and help to re-establish the body's normal patterns of movement.

Sports massage techniques are just as relevant to an office worker suffering from pain as a result of poor posture whilst sitting at their desk as it is to an Olympic athlete suffering a torn hamstring, or anyone who has sprained their ankle.

Sometimes sports massage can be a little uncomfortable, as the techniques aim to release areas of tension and scar tissue, sometimes deep within the muscles. However treatments can be adapted if too much discomfort is being experienced.

It is not unusual to feel a little post massage soreness for a day or two after a remedial massage. This is normal and shows that the body is beginning the process of healing.