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Swedish Massage

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Swedish massage

This Western therapeutic form of massage involves the manipulation of the soft body tissue, particularly muscles. Holistic comes from the Greek 'holos', meaning whole, as the Holistic treatment hopes to treat the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of an individual. During the consultation process questions are asked about a clients lifestyle e.g. their working/living environment, exercise, diet etc. after which the Therapist and Client agree on a tailored treatment/course of treatments.

Swedish massage techniques are used in Holistic Massage treatments these are effleurage (stroking), petrissage (pressing/squeezing) and tapotement (striking); by varying these techniques the treatment can either be soothing, invigorating or, a combination of the two. The routine takes place on a massage couch, unless a seated massage is required; clients are asked to wear briefs and towels are used to maintain client privacy, exposing only the areas being treated. Various massage mediums are available from creams to oils.

Treatment times are available from 30 minutes, which would allow enough time for a partial massage session e.g. such as neck and shoulders, back or legs and feet, to a maximum of 120 minutes which would allow for a full body treatment and optimal relaxation.

Benefits of Holistic Massage are that it can release muscle tension; loosen joints; relieve aches and pains; improve circulation; strengthen the immune system and remove toxins; help digestion and elimination; improve suppleness and flexibility; enhance tissue elasticity; promote relaxation; encourage sleep; alleviate symptoms of stress and can induce a feeling of wellbeing.