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Hot Stone Massage

When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Hot Stone Massage

As the name implies, hot stone massage involves the use of water treated volcanic basalt stones for doing the massage. Stones are placed over specific parts of the body depending on the results we want to achieve. This sort of massage is said to evoke the inherent kundalini energy (the vital energy that runs through our spine and feeds the rest of the body elements). Before the heated stones go to work, the muscles are pre-treated for better response with a massage done with specific oils. Cool stones may also be used alternatively or if there are any muscle injuries or inflammation.


As with the other massage therapies, hot stone massage is associated with many benefits, only that it is 10 times more powerful than conventional massages!

  • Vasodilation occurs increasing blood flow around the body flushing out waste products and cleansing internal organs.
  • Circulation is improved, muscles have an increased blood and oxygen and other nutrients supply.
  • Stimulates microcirculation due to the general increase in circulation.
  • Lymphatic function increases circulation and cell function promoting the tissue repair.
  • The heat relieves pain in muscles and joints. VERY GOOD FOR ARTHRITIS.
  • Tension in connective tissue is decreased.
  • One stroke with a hot stone is equal to ten normal massage strokes, so the treatment is said to be ten times deeper and the results are said to last ten times longer that traditional techniques.
  • Fights the cold winter by warming up all the cells.
  • Deep relaxation - mentally and physically.
  • Stress is reduced, relieving mental and physical fatigue.
  • In the view of the above benefits, hot stone massage is used as a therapy to relieve certain health problems such as:
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Back pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Problems related to blood circulation

This is a totally blissful massage.

These special stones retain the heat and penetrate deep into the muscle, instantly relieving tension.

While cooled marble stones focus on problem areas stripping the muscles free of toxins.

This is a all round fantastic treatment for injury, problem areas and general relaxation.