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When: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

With over 10 year’s experience in massage in massage and holistic therapies gathered from extensive world wide travel and training, Blue Frog therapies offer Individually tailored treatments. Whether a therapeutic massage or an afternoons meditation, focus is on relaxation and working through stress, as well as physical improvements.

Massage Therapy

Swedish | Deep Tissue | Full Body | Sports | Holistic

60m £45 | 90m £65

Combined Therapy

Massage plus Reiki |Meditation| Relaxation

60m £45 | 90m £65

Back, neck and shoulders massage

Swedish|Deep Tissue|Full Body|Sports| Holistic

30m £30 | 45m £40

Back, neck and shoulders massage with a holistic facial

60m £65

Hot Stone Massage

60m £50

Indian Head Massage

45m £30

Seated Oil free massage

30m £25

Prenatal Massage

60m £45

Holistic Therapy

Meditation | Reiki | Relaxation | Narrative Therapy

30m £25 | 60m £40

Holistic Facial

Toner, conditioner and thermal face mask with head and face massage

30m £30

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